Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Be my smile

I want to decorate you
On my lips
Spreading mirth everywhere…

Be my smile.

I want to keep you
In my eyes
Weaving the blissful future…

Be my dreams.

I want to think of you
Forgetting every pain of life

Be my thoughts.

I want to be with you
Till my last breath
Shrugging the meaning of loneliness…

Be my shadow.

I want to hide you
In my heart forever
Keeping my happiness alive

Be my love.

Written for Poetry Jam in Anaphora poem format (An Anaphora is "the repetition of a word or expression several times within a clause or within a paragraph")

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Creative Prompt Tuesday! Random questions

So, there are some random questions we have to answer. Here it goes:

If you had Rs.50,000 to just blow up (you have to spend it on YOURSELF. Giving to Charity or buying gifts for others not allowed), what would you spend it on and why?

I’ll definitely buy lots and lots of books and a large designer bookshelf of course (and also I’ll keep some money to buy many forthcoming books released every year) because I love books and it will of course give me unconditional liberty. And maybe I can buy some stuff by Woodland. 

Name three of your closest friends (not family or spouse) and say why you love them.

Priyanka: She is my only (childhood) friend (of almost twenty years). She is really a sweet person and despite living very far from each other we’re still in touch and talk to each other quite often.

My dictionary and books: I love browsing through my dictionary just like that and books are real friend. You can never get bored being with them.

My Blog (Actually my computer): I love writing for my blog, inspired by my thoughts, imaginations and some writing prompt sites listed in the sidebar of my blog. I enjoy reading blogs of many nice writers. When I’m online, time just flies.

Name three books which have profoundly affected you and which you would recommend to everyone to read.

For those who like Hindi novels:

Aalampanah by Rafia Manjurul Ameen:
One of the best romance novels I’ve ever read. It has been adapted for a very famous serial “Farmaan” on Doordarshan.

Swami by Mannu Bhandari:
This novel was originally written by Sharatchandra but later modified by famous writer Mannu Bhandari. This novel is a beautiful portrayal of love and relationship.

Gunahon Ka Devta by Dharmaveer Bharti:
This classic novel is a poignant tale of love and sacrifice.

For those who like English novels

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier:
This classic novel is very-very engrossing and one of the best suspense/mystery novels.

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell:
This is the longest novel I’ve ever read.  It received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the book in 1937. One of the most famous classic love stories of all time.

This Matter of Marriage/Country Brides by Debbie Macomber:
In fact you can read any novel by this author if you like beautiful love stories.

I can’t finish this section before adding two more books by our very own Indian Authors:
2 States by Chetan Bhagat (Humorous) and Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy (Moving). Very interesting reads indeed!

 If you know for certain that you can never ever fail, what would you attempt to do?

I would love to travel beyond the earth (How thrilling it would be!). In my childhood I’ve read many science fiction novellas by Professor Diwakar and a fantasy novel Sitarron Se Aage by Krishan Chander and travelling in space, moon and other planets really fascinates me (Given I can NEVER FAIL)

What is THE ONE THING that you want very very badly?

I want to publish my Novel.

Now finally I would like to thank Preeti Shenoy for such lovely prompts.  It was fun writing for them!:) Now I want to know about her next novel and eagerly waiting for it:)

Joy of first journey!

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Toddlers take their steps
Anxiety mingled with zest
Joy of first journey!

Written for The Haiku Challenge

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dream walks

                As Slumber kisses
    The goodnight, dream walks on the
               Path of subconscious

Dreams walk on the path
               Of wishes and desires
                   Destination calls


 Haiku My Heart
Written for: The Haiku Challenge
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Double standards

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Man and woman are indeed different from each other. Quite different in many aspects. But rules are something that should be applicable to both equally. They both should acquire ethics in their lives.

But SOME PARTS of our society though pretend to be intellectual, give some special freedom to men and cancel the thoughts of women’s freedom.

Nobody raises an eyebrow when a man gets married twice but so many frowns wrinkle at the mere thought of woman’s remarriage.

No one tries to peep through the window of a man who lives alone. Nobody cares who comes to visit him and when. It becomes “HIS business”. But everyone wants to know why a woman is living alone. It surely interests everyone who is coming to visit HER and WHEN.

If a boy is having an affair he dares to stay open as he knows that people will think “It’s quite natural to have an affair at this age” but people lose their elasticity in case of a girl. She has to keep her affair a secret because of this fact “What people will say?”

When a man plays single parent, the society feels proud (Such a caring father he is) but when a woman plays this role the first thing people tend to think “Why her husband left her? Or why is she living alone?” Everyone labors to keep an eye on her every activity. “Is she having an affair with any of her colleagues? But in case of a man it’s either “Who cares” or “His children need a mother”

Families always bother for a well-paid job for their sons but for their daughter-in-law they think “What’s the need of doing a job? We have everything. OR “Who will look after the home and children?” OR “The corporate world is not safe for women.” No one bothers to think that why many things in our society are NOT SAFE for women?

It is absolutely okay when husbands talk or share jokes with other women but when his wife interacts amusingly with other men they tend to join their eyebrow.  

Why SOME PARTS of our society seem to adopt double standards?

Written for: Theme Thursday
                     Three Word Wednesday 

The joy of giving

The joy of giving
Brings a peaceful smile and a
Sense of contentment

Sense of contentment
Lies in fulfilling someone’s
Cherished wish and dreams

Cherished wish and dreams
Keep hopes alight, offering
A new horizon

Written for: The Haiku Challenge
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tea for two and a piece of cake: by Preeti Shenoy

Tarang finds solace in her home, with her dear ones
Enjoys reading, writing, blogging & music immensely
A dreamer having myriad of thoughts and imaginations in her always occupied mind


Careful learner
Aspiring writer who always
Keeps her hopes, courage and dreams alive, as for her
Every day is a new beginning.

Written for Creative Prompt Tuesday provided by Preeti Shenoy that says to "Write about yourself in acrostic form and of course the words are TEA & CAKE

Yesterday I finished reading “Tea for two and a piece of cake” by Preeti shenoy. Quite different from her last book “Life is what you make it”, it’s a unique tale of love. A simple, easy, and gripping read.

This is the story of Nisha, a plump, lovelorn yet independent girl. She finds love in Samir, a suave, intelligent and wealthy guy, who enjoys his work and life. Nisha thinks she has achieved all the happiness in her life when Samir proposes her for marriage. But after eight years, her life is shattered when Samir announces that their ‘marriage is over’.

Trying to collect the wrecked pieces of her life, with aching heart and her two children, she again finds a devoted lover Akash, her old friend, five years younger than her.  She finds him around her in every difficult situation. But this time she is really apprehensive about nurturing any relationship beyond friendship.

I found this book very interesting, engrossing and entertaining. The characters and situations are very identifiable that anyone can relate to. The language is very clean and crisp that makes the reading smooth. There’s a very sweet thing about this book that all the chapter names are names of songs.Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and am really looking forward to Preeti Shenoy’s next book.


Every endeavor  
Requires dedication to
Attain achievement

Bond of emotion
Demands devotion to glow

Each competition
Needs perseverance to gain
Successful results

Written for: The Haiku Challenge
                          Poets United

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Emotions, your eyes
Reflected, I wish it’s real
Not just illusion

I will treasure those
Precious feelings in my eyes
And heart, forever

For: Haiku Heights

Friday, February 17, 2012

The unheards: By AK Bansal

Recently I finished reading The Unheards by Akash Bansal.
Since, I have a keen interest in horror/paranormal fiction, I was naturally attracted to this book, even though there were very few reviews listed.

The Unheards is the story of Barcaldine House, situated in lanthom Cove and deserted for many years. David Edment inherited this house and after losing his job in Sydney, he decides to shift there with his family. His wife Martha, initially apprehensive about shifting to Lanthom Cove, loves the magnificence and elegance of the house, which is hers now.

After some strange experiences and a scary dream, in two months, Martha encounters frightening spirits, the unheard, who screams to be heard. That horrifying experience confirms that the Balcaldine house is haunted.

The language & writing is very clean and crisp (Akash Bansal has written some articles for Inner Voice section in Hindustan Times).

The horror scenes or I should say the scenes that involved encounter with spirits are written so skillfully that they make the reading thrilling and engrossing.

Few things I found upsetting in this novel. First, sometimes it seemed stretched. I think horror/paranormal/fantasy fiction should be compact and precise; otherwise it tends to lose its essence. This book could have been wrapped up in about 150 pages instead of stretching it to 216 pages, but I guess, to make it a full-fledged novel, the author has stuffed some unnecessary and uninteresting descriptions/scenes.

There are some minor grammatical errors, that you can ignore.
he book is written in multiple points of view and I found that a bit distracting. I would have liked it more if it was written in Martha’s (Single) point of view.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


"Can a relationship be like a tea-stain?" This week's Creative prompt by Preeti Shenoy.  Her third book Tea for two and a piece of cake released yesterday and I'm eagerly waiting for my Pre-Ordered copy.
So, It's a complicated question to answer I would say. Actually it has different aspects and so you may get different answers.
Those people who are blessed with a healthy and blissful relationship they can find their relationship like a beautiful garden, where everyday new flower blossoms. Where air is suffused with sweet fragrance. Where the aura tinkles with chirpings of cute little birds and of course, where some flowers and leaves wither away like ups and downs in every life.
But everyone in this world is not so lucky to cherish this kind of relationship. Some relationships are indeed like tea-stains. You can’t get off with it. No matter how desperately you want it to.
Mr. Akash, an ordinary school teacher married his very ordinary looking daughter Sumi, applying all his effort and money. He got all the praise as he chose a very good looking and financially settled groom.
How an ordinary looking girl like me can have such a handsome husband? Sumi felt proud of her fortune. But sometimes destiny devises cruel plans draining all the momentary happiness.
Few months fled in ecstasy. But then gradually, ugly truth stared to take shape in front of Sumi. His husband had a serious affair which he didn’t intend to end. When she questioned that, she got a repulsive remark for her looks.
He started to ignore Sumi. He used to shout at her every silly mistake. But he did not fail to fill her lap with a girl child.
Her wallet remained empty. For her and her daughter’s minutest need, she had to beg in front of her husband. Her mother-in-law often showed her helplessness.
Years passed by. Many times she wanted to end this useless relationship. Many times she wanted to escape. But where can she go? She can’t stay with her parents, leaving her husband. What people will say? They will assail her parents with unanswerable questions. What will happen to her sick mother-in-law? She couldn’t dare to step forward.
That day her husband came home and ordered a cup of tea. But in discomfort to face him or maybe hesitation, her hands trembled and splashes of tea made dirty spots on her husband’s sparkling white shirt.
“What the hell are you doing? You can’t do anything properly?” He barked.
“S..Sorry. I’m really sorry. I..I’ll wash this.” She managed to utter.
“You’ll wash this. Sure, but this stain will never go.” He said in an angry tone and stalked out of the room.
“This stain will never go.” This statement echoed in Sumi’s mind. She instantly realized that their relationship is also like a tea-stain. It will never go. She just has to bear it.
The fear of society’s piercing eyes and sometimes filthy comments for a single woman, future of her children and prestige of her parents, compel her to bear all this. She can’t get away from this ugly relationship. She thought and blinked her tears in order to pretend strong.

Smile never gives up

    Smile never gives up
Even in the marsh of gloom
     Determined to bloom

Written for: The Haiku Challenge
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Colourful smile

Mourning for troubles
Is hopeless, tackling it is
Actually vital.

Endeavour deserves,
A chance, colourful smile will
Blossom someday soon...

Written for:      The Haiku Challenge
                          One Single Impression
                           Carry On Tuesday
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                           Haiku My Heart

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Desire to paint dreams

I desire to paint
Dreams in my eyes, they fly high
Encouraged by hope.

Written for: Haiku Heights
                     The Haiku Challenge
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Thursday, February 9, 2012


          Stress fades as relief
    Enters the threshold of mind
           Harmony prevails

Written for: Sensational Haiku
                  It's Thursday
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dream’s Sake by: Jyoti Arora

Recently I finished this novel Dream’s Sake by Jyoti Arora. This story primarily revolves around five friends Abhi, Priyam, Sid, Aashi and Raj. 

Abhi, a really nice guy and his sister Priyam lost their parents in an accident. Their best friend Sid’s father adopted them and provided everything they wanted in life. But Sid still hates his father as he blames him for her mother’s suicide. Sid and Priyam are in love and dream to get married someday.

In their neighbourhood a girl Ashi comes to live. They immediately become friends. Gradually Abhi falls in love with Ashi but Ashi has big dreams for her life and she ignores Abhi. She gets attracted to a handsome and wealthy guy Raj, who loves Priyam but eventually she manages to persuade him to fall in love with her.

After so many dramatic incidents, Ashi realizes her love for Abhi, who loves her in any circumstances. But, it is very late now.

Before writing my views, I would like to congratulate the author for her determination and optimistic attitude towards life. When many people mourn over little difficulties in life, Jyoti Arora could not allow the medical difficulties arising from Thalassemia, that prevented her from going to school after class seventh, deter her dreams. She continued her studies through correspondence course and finally published her novel.

As far as my views are concerned, I would say, I have a mixed feelings about this book.

High points:

The book is written in multiple points of view and the author very skillfully jumps from one point of view to other that prevents a reader from getting confused.

The author has a sweet story to tell through really nice words and sentences. My favourite is: “Dreams are one treasure that God has bestowed on everyone without any discrimination.”

Low points:

There are quite a few mistakes in this book and Dream’s shake is the biggest mistake that is written in every page of the book (At least the copy I’ve got)

The font is very small and the book is very lengthy. Incidents are very filmy especially towards the end. Sometimes it seemed that I was watching a Hindi movie of 8o’s.

A nice cup of tea!

This is my response to the Creative Prompt provided by Preeti Shenoy. Her third book Tea for two and a piece of cake is going to release on 14th Feb.

The prompt for today is a quote  by Bernard-Paul Heroux. "There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea."  ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

Harish came out of his small cottage, tightening his shawl around his body, as gushes of chilly wind hit his face. Silence screeched loudly in the cold night.  He looked around. Darkness shrouded every corner. Just one streetlight was blinking as if to fade any moment. Calm stillness yawned in every house. Maybe everyone has slipped under their warm quilt, throwing all the worries on him. Harish thought. Two street dogs let out a stifled cry, trying to find a warm and safe place in the colony.

He couldn’t help visualizing himself snuggling in his not so warm quilt with his two small kids. Harish rubbed his eyes. This is not the time to sleep for him. He took out his whistle and blew it, penetrating the eerie silence, as he started to take rounds of the colony. After all he is the night watchman. Security guard! They have to stay awake at night. Cold or hot. Doesn’t matter.

He envisioned the misty morning when he would return home. His wife will welcome him with a warm smile and a nice and hot cup of tea, like every day.  A smile appeared on his face. There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea.


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Monday, February 6, 2012


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Flying like a bird,
Lively like a child, her heart
Yearns to reach the sky

Written for: Acrostic Only
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                              Hump Day Haiku

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kind touch of music

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Magical healer
Of anguish and restlessness
Kind touch of music

Soothes heart and mind
When slumber eludes the eyes
Acts as lullaby

Music of love flows
Like a stream towards parched heart
Sooner or later

For: Haiku Heights
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