Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arrival of fortune

                              Image Prompt@: Thursday tales

Soumya’s heart fluttered. Her eyes welled up and finally, happiness and contentment oozed out in the form of tears. She could not take her eyes off her new born baby. Her first baby after ten years of her marriage.

Soumya wanted to fill the eternal beauty of her daughter in her eyes forever. She wanted to feel the touch and warmth of her. As she touched her endearingly soft and pink face tenderly, the baby folded her supple chubby hands and legs inward and a heavenly smile lingered on her face.

“Oh my God! This feeling is divine. Serene. You made me complete. Where have you been so long?” Soumya whispered to her baby and gave her a peck on the forehead.

'How can a mother separate her own part from herself?' Soumya thought.

She had three miscarriages so far. Every time she would weave a dream and every time they shattered. She suffered a lot, being issueless all these years. Teasing eyes and taunt of people around her. She could see in the eyes of Aman, the desire of being a proud father. She could feel a twinge of pain and guilt to see so many sweet children playing in the lap of their mothers. But, Aman always tried to fill the void in their life. He always supported her and never allowed their bond of love to fade. Finally they opted for adoption for their emotional gratification. They went to an orphanage and adopted a baby girl.

'Some people are childless in this world and yearn for child but some are blessed with this boon and choose to separate their child from them. Why so? how could they do so? What could be their obligations?' Soumya wondered quite often.

A weak moan of her baby brought her back in the present. She rolled an old blanket around her carefully, and cosseted her in her arms.

“You have come to the caress of a poor mom and dad shona. I can’t buy you expensive things but I promise you that there will be no dearth of love and care for you.” Soumya’s voice quivered as she softly spoke to her daughter. The baby again slipped into a calm slumber.

 “This is the arrival of fortune in our life Soumya.” Soumya did not know when Aman had arrived and stood behind them.  “Our daughter will bring fortune to our life and we will be able to fulfill all her dreams and desires.”  Aman continued and his eyes beaming with fulfillment and bliss.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


                     ए ज़िन्दगी,
                     मैं खफ़ा नहीं तेरी बेवफाई से 
                     एक सवाल है मगर 
                     दे देता मुझे खुशियाँ अगर 
                     तो क्या होता?
                     एक खुशनुमां जहाँ मेरा भी होता 
                     प्यार भरा आशियाँ मेरा भी होता 
                     पर, दर्द दिए हैं तूने तो दर्द ही सही 
                     तेरी इस इनायत से कोई शिकवा नहीं 
                     दिल में जज़्ब कर लेंगे इस दर्द को 
                     ताकि, मेरी खाख़ पर
                     ए ज़िन्दगी,
                     तुझे अफ़सोस हो.

Monday, December 27, 2010


The Train was almost ten hours late. He felt annoyed. He had been out from 15 days. He had to travel a lot for business purpose in the chilly winter of December. Though, the effect of winter was negligible in the air conditioned coach but he badly wanted to be home. The train was 35 Km. far from its destination. It was proceeding at the snail’s pace.  The train would stop at every station, halts and even at no station. Out of irritation, he called to the railway inquiry. When he asked about his train schedule, the person in inquiry said that the train has already been arrived, 18 minutes late from its scheduled time, at the platform number 15.  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year Delight

Today Annie’s eyes were full of dreams. Her visage clearly reflected excitement and bliss. Her heart was getting impatient and could not wait to welcome New Year. Today was New Year’s Eve. Annie’s father got her a new dress. She was happy that, they will be celebrating New Year merrily.

Her mind traveled six days back when on Christmas, her home was filled with melancholy. Her father was ailing and so, he could not craft sculptures and could not go to sell them in market. All money spent in medicines. They anyhow managed to have their one time meal. She felt a twinge of remorse to see her friends chuckling with their family. She felt tantalized to see her friends flaunting gorgeous new dresses. Maria wore a beautiful pink dress with frills. And Sanaya looked stunning in bright yellow. She looked at her dress which was worn out. Her friends called her but, she refused. She cursed her poverty. Her face hung in dismay and eyes welled up.

“No problem, I’ll wear my new dress tomorrow.” Annie shrugged her misery off and looked at her red dress. “My dress is also good, not as beautiful as her friends but…” she smiled.

Her father was well now. He sold too many beautiful sculptures today and earned handsome money. Her mom promised her to make nice breakfast tomorrow. Sweet bread, honey, pancakes, milk cake… Ah! Her mouth watered. She could not sleep. She wanted to greet the new gleaming morning. Her relish was just one night far. Only a night from old to new! She hugged her new dress and a cute smile lingered on her innocent face.

Prompt@: Carry on tuesday (Only a night from old to new)

New Year hopes

                         Her eyes were shining like dew
                         Only a night from old to new.
                         Her bliss will be added,
                         And grieves will be few
                         New Year may welcome her
                         Merrily and refreshingly.
                         Stillness of night...
                         ...whispered her softly.
                         Tomorrow sunshine will be glowing
                        Aura of mirth & melody...
                       ...will be flowing.
                         Birds will sing a new song
                         Flowers may blossom in a new form.
                         New hopes, new desire
                         New dreams and new fire.
                         Camaraderie and amity,
                         New Year may be flooded…
                         …with new opportunity.
                         Leaving all the grudge aside
                         She will stretch her hand wide.
                         Embracing all the happiness
                         She’ll forget all the distress.
                         New Year will be special…
                         …She was sure.
                         Next morning will be serene & pure.

                         Prompt@: Carry on Tuesday
                         (Only a night from old to new)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


 "Manifestos in life"

Show great perseverance in adversity.
Shirk the negative attitude,
and turn out to be an optimist
Ongoing impasse in life,
Needs  stillness.

Take care of your family
and spend quality time with them.

There is a foe called deforestation,
It has created a
detrimental situation. 
Very soon,
Condition will be depressive.
Coz, it will make the climate…
 … oppressive.             
 So, plant lots and lots of trees,
Keep the atmosphere pollution free.
 Keep your landscape green,
 Go ahead,
 Make the environment clean
 At the same time,
 Save electricity, water and papers.

The most common slogan
“Heath is wealth”
 is the mantra of better life.
So, take care of your health
 and have a serene life.

Contribute to make your society
 healthy and peaceful. 
 Extend your helping hand
 for a needy person.

 Understand the value of time as
 “Time & Tide wait for none”
Wish you all a “Merry Christmas”

Prompt @: Sunday scribblings - Manifesto

Friday, December 24, 2010

True Happiness

                              Image prompt@: Thursday Tales

Tanya entered a book shop to buy some picture and story books for her daughter. She could not suppress her urge to browse through some novels, though she had plenty of them on her bookshelf. Suddenly, her glance drifted towards a diner where a cute looking girl was washing half eaten and dirty utensils. She was wearing a ragged frock. Suddenly, her eyes met hers. Tanya smiled but the girl felt embarrassed and took her eyes off. The shop owner was shouting at her, and she started rubbing the utensils vigorously.  Some utensils looked larger than her. There was something in her eyes that Tanya became emotional. Her heart felt pity for that girl. She paid and departed from there.  As she entered her house, her daughter Rhea was sketching some pictures in her drawing book, sitting on the dinning table. She was wearing her new yellow dress. She chuckled to see her mother.

“Mama, see my drawing is nice na? There is a drawing competition in my school. ” Rhea enthusiastically showed her drawing book.

“Yeah, sweetie. It’s very nice.” Tanya kissed her forehead. “And see what I’ve bought for you?” She handed her books, she bought for her daughter.

“Wow! Thanks mom, you’re the best.” Rhea kissed her mother and got busy in her new colorful books.

The cute face of the girl in the diner flashed in her mind. Some children are not fortunate enough to have this kind of comfort and joy.

"What’s could be the necessity of her parent that they forced their daughter to wash dirty utensils in that diner? This is the age of reading and playing not working as a maid servant. Can child labor be stopped ever? What can she do for that girl?"   Too many thoughts volleyed in Tanya’s mind.            

She collected some old clothes, pictures & rhymes books of Rhea and a packet of cookies and decided to give them to the girl. She imagined the face of that girl, lit with instant happiness to have these things. Tanya’s heart relaxed. True happiness lies in making others happy. Really!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Rewa was standing near the window. There was a great silence in her house but her mind was in turmoil. Today a man was coming to meet her and after that he will approve her for marriage. She felt like cheating onVivek.

“Beta it’s been five years when Vivek left us. Since then you’re struggling alone. I can’t see my daughter suffering like this. You deserve a colorful life. Think about Khushi, she is just six. She needs a father. Life is not that easy beta.” Her mother-in-law Shailaja told her this many time before and this time she had to agree to meet this man.

At 4 pm. a handsome but a bit aged man arrived. He looked quite educated and decency clearly reflected from his body language. He looked mesmerized by Rewa’s beauty. After some formal talks she departed from there. From the next room, she could hear the conversation.

“Rewa is very beautiful. Who would not like to marry her?  But…”  He hesitated.

“What’s the matter beta?” Shailaja asked.

“Er… please don’t take it otherwise but, I don’t want her daughter to live with us. I hope you understand. She can live with you and Rewa could meet her whenever she wants.” The man said.

A hot swift current of anger ran through Rewa to hear such a shameless offer. His appearance and thought diverged completely. She immediately rushed to the drawing room.

“Excuse me Mr.… whatever you are, I don’t want to marry you. Leave this place right now.” Rewa said trying hard to conceal her anger and agony. 
 “Look Miss Rewa, Nobody will bother to take responsibility of your daughter. So be practical…”

“I don’t want anyone to take responsibility of my child. I’m still alive and I don’t need any support. You get lost immediately.”  Rewa objected vehemently.
Rewa was feeling ashamed of herself that how and why she agreed to marry again. Her heart filled with self aversion. She closed her eyes and tears crept from beneath them.

“Beta, your father and I can keep Khushi with us. You can…” Shailaja managed to say but her voice choked.

“I know maa, you’ll do anything for me but I can’t fill colors in my life keeping Khushi aside in darkness. How could you think that I would do this? Wouldn’t Khushi hate me for this? Do you want me to get married to a man who wants to marry me just because of my physical beauty? A man who does not want to take my responsibility? A man who has so cheap thinking? Please maa don’t force me. , I’m happy with you. Let me live with you and the memories of Vivek.” Rewa almost pleaded and tears rolled over her cheeks.

Shailaja’s eyes too filled with tears. She embraced her and was feeling proud of her daughter.

Prompt@: Three Word Wednesday (Educate, Object, Silence)


Once a man came to his wife with a paper on which a line was sketched. He asked her to make that line small without cutting or erasing it. The wife pondered for a moment, then drew one more line there, which was longer than the previous one. The previous line automatically became small. 

Our problems are exactly like this. If we encounter a major problem in life, the other problem, which earlier seemed a big one, diminishes itself.

Problems, in some way, are like real test of life. They can make you stronger. They can make you hone your skills unknowingly. Sometimes, your luck may shine and an opportunity may come to you in the disguise of a problem and can be beneficial for your personal growth. Many inventions are derived due to problems.

No doubt, some problems affect one’s life badly. Nobody likes problem in their life. But they are meant to accompany you, throughout your life. You can’t run away from your problems. The more you try to run away from them, the more they chase you. So, face it! Take it as a challenge and fight back. Share your problems with your friends and family. Ask for help, if needed. You may get an intelligent advice. There is a solution to every problem. Find out. Keeping correct and positive attitude in life is the best way to tackle your problems.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Gift

Shreya was sitting in the corner of her house. The joy of Christmas vanished in the gloominess of her home. Her newborn brother was in the ICU. For the first time, she felt a great affection for her brother. Feeling of losing him terrified her. For the first time, she wanted to hug him tight. Her heart wept and the pain oozed out as tears.
She wanted to do something for him. But what? She didn’t know. Suddenly, her glance drifted towards the idol of Santa Claus. Something stroked her mind. She wiped off her tears. 

She wrote.

Dear Santa,

Mama told me that you bring gifts to the homes of the good children on Christmas. Am I a good girl? …… I know I’m not. I had been a jealous girl. Jealous of my sweet, innocent brother. But you know mom and dad were only concerned about him these days, even if he was not born. I thought they did not love me anymore. I thought they’re ignoring me. But, I was wrong. Now I understand that he needs love and care, not jealousy of his elder sister.

The moment I saw him, I fell in love with him. You know Santa, he is so cute. So soft like a feather. So adorable that anyone can love him. But now he is in great pain. He is struggling for his life. I saw mom and dad crying for him. They need him. I need my cute little brother.

I’m sorry Santa. Please grant me the life of my innocent brother as a Christmas gift. I promise you that I’ll be a good girl. I won’t annoy mom and dad. I will love my brother forever. Please, please, please dear Santa; give me my brother as my gift.”

Shreya’s hand trembled. Her lips quivered.  Her chin wobbled and she burst into tears.

Prompt @: Carry on tuesday (Dear Santa)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where is Mythology?

Today, in “Indian Telly Awards” serial “Jhansi ki Rani” got the award of “Best Mythological Serial”.

Where is “Mythology” in this serial??? Is Jhansi ki Rani a myth?

Being Sachin Tendulkar

Today, Sachin Tendulkar completed his 50th Test century. Amazing! A peerless achievement indeed!  Congratulations to him. The entire nation is proud of him, of course!

Being Sachin Tendulkar is a phenomenon itself.  What to say about him? He is incredible. He is marvelous. He is a precious gem of our country. Actually, his personality is beyond description. He had been a strong pillar of Indian Cricket Team for years, and he will be onwards.  Not only in ODI and Test but in T 20 series too, his bat is blasting. Even now, he is in full bloom.

May the blast of the master continue further and may he bring the much awaited World Cup. Touch Wood!

Charming December.

Misty mornings and foggy nights.
Freezing winds seems harsh and…
Sunshine feels nice.
Pleasing warm quilt,
Snuggling in it, up to the hilt.
Delight of having hot coffee,
Colorful sweaters and stylish beanie.
Skiing in snow,
Tumbling, jumbling or in a flow.
Ecstasy of Christmas,
A day so auspicious.
These are the essence of winter,
Hey! It is charming December.

  Prompt @: Sunday Scribblings ("December")

Friday, December 17, 2010

Who will cry when you die?

  Image Prompt@: Thursday Tales

Her mother, her only companion, left the world, leaving her completely alone. Spinster at 38. However, it is her fault. Her mother always told her to get married, but she never gave a damn. She tried to introduce her to many suitable boys, but she rejected each of them. She started her own garment business, and it flourished with a boom, and she forgot everything in the glitter of success.

“Think of your future beta, you’re running 31. I’ve got some nice proposals. If you…”

“Maa Please! I don’t have time for these frivolous things.”

“Marriage is not a frivolous affair. It has its own significance. And what about Priya and Jai?” Her mother was worried.

“I’m busy in my work and there is no scope for marriage right now. They don’t have to wait for me.” Anu said firmly and left encumbered with files.

Gradually, everyone settled in their life. Her father died one day and Anu and her mother left alone in the house.

Both priya and Jai arrived home to perform the death rituals. The house was permeated with a gloomy stillness. After that, they were ready to go to their respective homes. Anu saw the couples caring, loving and supporting each other.  Children were rambling about their school and friends in their eccentric but cute accent. She embraced them lovingly. Her heart filled with sudden emptiness. After they departed, her beautiful home looked deserted. Few years back it resonated with mirth and melody. But now… no one was there. A feeling of melancholy swept over her. She wanted to run away somewhere. She wore her overcoat and got out for an aimless walk. A slight snowfall made the evening frosty. The path was absolutely desolate. She terribly missed her mother. She remembered when she sauntered with her after dinner. Suddenly, her heart longed for someone’s love and care. Suddenly, she longed for a family. Flakes of snow were dripping on her cheeks, where tears were trickling down silently. Her inner voice asked her “Who will cry when you die?”

Thursday, December 16, 2010


                 That was a prized moment…
                 when I welcomed you in my life.
                 You made me understand…
                 the essence of happiness.
                 Your touch is like velvet.
                 Your eyes so mesmerizing.
                 Your voice is so melodic.

                 Your breath is like whisper of love.
                 Your smile is divine.
                 Your hug is like heaven.
                 You’re my best companion.
                 You made me feel complete.
                 You’re precious to me… my son.

                 Image Prompt@: Magpie Tales 

                 Also submitted to: Promising Poets Parking Lot

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


             He was a man of clear conscience,
             Never leaned upon others for guidance.
             Life was a challenge for him,
             Trying hard to fulfill his dreams.
             His friends suggested...
             living life to the fullest,
             He got carried away in the zest.
             He dabbled in drinks and drugs,
            Which led to the boisterous parties with…
            …alcohol filled mugs.
             It seemed a pleasure momentarily,
             But shredding his life gradually.
             He forgot the value of time n work,
             Allowed his life to twist and jerk.
             It was too late when he realized,
             He lost everything in his life.
             He sat desolately near the shelf,
             Stacked with his trophies,
             His mind wandered in nostalgic memories.
             He cringed and uttered a cry of pain,
             His life sank in a quagmire,
             He lost his dignity and was ashamed.



                  (Prompt@: Three Word Wednesday; Dabble, Lean and Utter)
                  Also submitted to: Magpie Tales