Monday, November 29, 2010

I too had a love story: by Ravinder Singh.

Read some good reviews of this book and felt like reading it, and yesterday finished it.  An emotional, cute, and beautiful tale of true love, and tyranny of the fate.

The protagonists fall in love without meeting each other. Honestly speaking, first few pages seemed monotonous to me, but after they met, it was engrossing enough to be read in just one go. I knew that it had a sad ending, but still the story was unpredictable. The author has written it in a nice and simple way.

Some incidents are quite identifiable. Some dialogues are very touching. And the most important thing about author's writing is that he has succeeded in evoking pain (as the story demanded at the end) which very few writers manages to do.

I liked some quotes in the novel like –
 “तेरे जाने  का  असर  कुछ  ऐसा  हुआ  मुझ  पर , तुझे  ढूंढते  ढूंढते , मैंने  खुद  को  पा  लिया …”

And “They say, don’t cry because it’s over but instead smile because it happened.”

This book is well worth reading.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It feels good to be special

Whenever I see the Vodafone Delights ad, in which a girl does special things for her friend, it takes me back to the good old days. The reminiscences of school days when we used to do such things, specially keeping seats for each other. 

It really feels good to be special. “Little things you do for me…” is a very nice song and truly justifies the ad.  A very cute advertisement. 


Friday, November 26, 2010

Value of relationships

We meet different people. Listen different stories. Witness several incidents, and then get to know the value of relationships and how it has changed with changing time.

A woman was admitted in the hospital with some liver problem.  Her elder daughter-in-law, “S” was taking good care of her.  But staying at the hospital day and night made her very tired (One needs to take rest. Plus, she had her children at home to take care for).  

The younger daughter-in-law of that woman, “A” used to visit the ailing woman with long veil. When S asked A to stay in the hospital with her mother-in-law for some time so that she could go home and relax a bit, “A” bluntly refused. 

What was the purpose of that long veil when she was shirking her responsibility?

One evening a new patient arrived in the ward.  That was an old frail looking woman.  A teenager girl and an old man were with her. Many hours, and then two days passed but no one came to replace that girl.  

She looked tired (Obviously) and tried to rest by putting her head on the bed.  Meera, another attendant in the ward, thought that perhaps there was no one in her home who can stay in the hospital.  

But Meera was startled to see many women visiting the frail woman in the evening.  Next day, Finding the girl exhausted, Meera asked her that she should call anyone for few hours so that she could go home to get fresh and take some rest.

The girl smiled wanly. Then she told Meera that she had four sister-in-laws but no one is supportive.  Moreover, she had to skip her studies due to the illness of her mother as no one wanted to take responsibility of their sick mother-in-law.

I am astonished to see the changing values of relationships.  No one wants to bother and sacrifice a mite for anyone. 

Who is professor Diwakar?

In my childhood I read some books (Science fiction and fantasy) by Professor Diwaakar and liked them a lot. Unfortunately whenever I wanted to buy the books of this series (actually not series, every novel has different story some of them set in the era when traveling to moon and other planet would be common), the bookseller would ask me “who is professor Diwaakar?” Now people read “Harry Potter” and “Goosebumps” but no one knows about his novels. I haven’t found any trace of these novels on even internet.

I cherish the pleasure of reading those novels from our old library. All the books were amazing!

Samay ke Swami: A man got an old watch from his scientist uncle which could stop the time or pass the time with the speed of light. There are very funny and interesting incidents while using that watch.

Antariksh ke hatyaare: What if the world would have been guided by some brilliant scientists and their artificial solar system? This novel tells about the consequences.

Shukra grah par dhaawa: An adventurous travelogue. Some scientists travel to Venus to find out some facts. Hero meets a beautiful girl of Venus and falls in love. But a sad love story as the girl was robot and had been destroyed by her inventor (A crazy scientist of Venus). I still have this novel.

Amaanush: What if some intelligent animal like structure lived on the moon?

Panch yamdoot: Five scientists try to save earth in danger.

And many more… Interesting. Isn’t it?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love happens like that: by Ritwik Mallik

Recently, I bought a book called “Love happens like this" by Ritwik Mallik. This novel tells a teenage love story (The protagonists are just 14 – 15 year olds school going girl and boy).

In my opinion, this is an immature love story and so is the narration. It seems that the author is just describing some boring and dull incidents. In quite a lot places English translation of Hindi dialogues are very annoying.

Dialogues should play a great role in bringing fiction to life, but the author fails to do so. The novel is not absorbing at all and can be avoided.

Honestly speaking, this novel is still kept unread on my bookshelf. Although, I couldn't read it beyond 60-70 pages, I can say that this novel is very childish and the author should have taken some more time to write a novel.


“We are the creator of our own destiny” some people say this with a surge of enthusiasm. To some extent, it is true. We should not depend on our destiny rather we should work hard to achieve our target and then the target itself becomes our destiny.

But is it applicable every time? Sometimes, People feel helpless and can’t fight with their destiny. In spite of applying every possible efforts one could not achieve his or her goal. At times, some people don’t get normal things which are mandatory in life. “Why? Why it happened to me?”  People keep asking but, sometimes, there is no answer of this “why”. They keep cursing their bad luck.

 “Geeta” says “Whatever happens happens for good”. I used to believe it strongly but sometimes, for any particular misfortune, I keep wondering “What is good about this happening?”

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

कभी बेखयाली में यूं ही...

कभी बेखयाली में यूं ही...तुम्हें सोचा था
कुछ यूं होगा यह सोचा था
तुम दिल में समाते गए
और मेरी दुनिया बदल गयी
सब में शामिल होकर भी
मैं सब से जुदा हो गयी.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ironic Opinion

Generally people talk about social issues with a lot of zest and pretend to be intellectual and modern but I've seen their perception changing ironically.  

Recently one of S's close relatives got  married.

“How much dowry he has got?” "A" another relative asked, smiling.

'S' said  "Oh, we are against the dowry system and don’t promote this pathetic social structure".

 “Oho! It means he hasn’t got anything.” 'A' said!

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That thing called love: by Tuhin Sinha

Recently I finished a book called “That thing called love” by Tuhin.A Sinha. I didn’t know about this book and the author. I bought this book by the way and I found that very different and absorbing. 

The author has narrated the complex relationships in a very simple, impressive and synchronized way. There are four stories interwoven in one novel, without making it boring and intricate. 

 I wonder how complicated relationships can be in this modern contemporary era. This book tells a very mature, different and practical story which left me pondering over that for a while. I’m surprised that why this book has not become so popular?

No creativity at all

Just now I've seen the second episode of a new series “Dhoondh legi manzil hamen” on star one. Promos seemed different so I thought to watch it.  In this serial, I don't understand the motive of sending the girl abroad to study architecture when her parents are planning to marry her off in the first place without giving her an opportunity to do something in her career?

In today’s episode, the female protagonist had gone to meet a guy for marriage purpose. The entire scene of that meeting was copied from the movie “Namaste London”.

Where is the creativity? Can’t writers think something original? And if you are copying something (Taking inspiration is not a bad thing) then use your brains and implement few changes inspired by your imagination. Change the dialogues at least. And I don’t understand why producers always tend to take a new girl in every new serial when many experienced, good looking and good actresses are there in the industry?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Infants are not actors

In “Jhansi ki rani” serial perhaps, her son is dead (Perhaps because I’ve stopped watching this serial after exit of Junior Jhansi ki rani). The actress (Playing Jhansi ki Rani) was cradling the infant, crying bitterly and loudly. What I felt bad that the camera was focusing on the infant again and again who was sleeping. I couldn't see that. How can any parent give their infants to shoot for such death scenes for certain amount of money? Is money that important? Infants are not actors and for god's sake keep them out of this drama.



इन पथरीली राहों पर
  चलते जाना है
  रोकना मत अपने कदम
  तुम्हें मंजिल को पाना है
  मुश्किलों से घबराना नहीं,
  हौसले को खोना नहीं
  कामयाबी दर पे देगी दस्तक,
  खुशियाँ रूठी रहेंगी कबतक
  अँधेरा मिटेगा, फिर सुबह आएगी
  तुम्हारी मेहनत रंग लाएगी.

(सुमन सौरभ पत्रिका में प्रकाशित)

साकारात्मक सोच

प्रगति ,
फल है प्रयासों का
फल है विश्वास का
फल है आत्मबल का
फल है धैर्य का
फल है साकारात्मक सोच का
साकारात्मक सोच,
जो बदल देती है जीवन कि दिशा
और वो दिशा होती है
प्रगति कि ओर...


मानो अंतरात्मा की पुकार
जैसे खोल दिए हों किसी के वास्ते
अपने मन के द्वार
जुड़ गए हों किसी से
मन के तार
उसकी हो अराधना
उसी की हो आस
डिगा न सके कोई
ऐसा दृढ़ हो विश्वास
पर विश्वास हो, अंधविश्वास नहीं
अंधी आस्था में धोखा न खा जाना कहीं
भरोसा हो ऐसा
जो प्रदीप्त करे जीवन पथ को
दूर हो अज्ञान का अंधियारा
ज्ञान का प्रकाशपुंज विसरित हो.

मधुर स्मृतियाँ

मधुर स्मृतियाँ...
जैसे ठंडी हवा का झोंका
जो मन को सहलाए 
पुलकित कर जाए
उदास लबों पर भी
एक मुस्कान छोड़ जाए
नम आँखों को भी
रौशन कर जाए
पर, यादों के झरोखे में 
होते हैं कुछ दर्द भरे नगमें भी
जो हर्षित मन को भी
रुला जाए 
पर, मन इन्हें क्यों गुनगुनाये
क्यों न भूलकर इन वेदनाओं को
आगे बढ़ता जाए
हो जाए हर्षोल्लसित 
याद कर अपनी 
मधुर स्मृतियाँ... 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A biased decision

Just now I have seen ITA awards. It was an entertaining show indeed but I'm not writing this to only praise this show. The reason which provoked me to write this post is an absolute biased decision made in this show. The best actor male received an award along with a "Maruti Suzuki swift Dzire" but for the best actor female there were no such gifts . Why so?? How a male actor is superior to a female actress when they portray parallel roles on television? Isn't it a kind of gender discrimination, come to that on national television? It is a big question for me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Favourite picks

Three must read novels (according to me)

Swami by Sharatchandra (original in Bangla and modified in Hindi by Mannu Bhandari) -

We had a small library in our home and though children were not allowed to read novels yet I managed to read this novel when I was in 7th or 8th std. I don’t remember exactly what I felt then but I reread the novel when I was in college. I immensely liked it. So much that I can read it again. According to me it is a must read novel. A sweet and realistic portrayal of innocent love, marriage, family and relationships.

(I so want to watch the movie “Swami”, adaptation of this novel but couldn’t. Have you seen that?)

Aalam Panah by Rafia Manjurul Ameen :

When I was in school, quite often I heard my classmates talking about a serial called “Farmaan” which was the adaptation of the novel Aalampanah, but don’t know why I never watched that. After few years I got a chance to read the novel and I was completely mesmerized. I think it’s the best love story I’ve ever read. After 1 or 2 years I saw the serial “Farmaan” (repeat telecast on doordarshan) so enthusiastically but regretted immensely.  When you read any story you imagine some pictures of characters in your mind according to your thoughts and I did so while reading the novel but, I couldn’t relate the characters of serial with my imagination.  

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier:

This is the best mystery novel I've ever read. This classic novel is very gripping, thrilling and entertaining. 

So these were my favourites. Which is your favourite novel? I would like to know. May be I’ve missed them.


आपके सिवा इस दिल को
 कोई हसरत नहीं
थाम कर हाथ, छोड़ दें साथ
ये हमारी फ़ितरत नहीं
मर मिटे हैं हम आपकी अदाओं पर
आप को दिल लगाने कि फुर्सत नहीं

भूल से भी कभी आपको
हमारा तस्सवुर नहीं
हम भूल जाएँ आपको
ये हरगिज़ मुमकिन नहीं
आप शामिल हैं हमारे वजूद में
पर, हमें पास आने तक कि इजाज़त नहीं.

(सरिता पत्रिका में प्रकाशित)

Moments of happiness

My heart cheers up,
when you're with me.
It always dreams of you,
when I don't find you to see.
It wants to be in your heart forever,
It feels relieved, I'm encircled by...
...your loving arms whenever.
It forgets every distress, when I see...
...intense emotions filled in your eyes,
Your few affectionate words are...
...enough to keep me high.
It doesn't want to squander the...
...pleasure of being with you,
Coz, in this short life,
Grieves are more and happiness is few.

(Published in "Woman's era" magazine.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bad acting and vulgar presentation of serious issue and relationships


Here I'm talking about "Rakhi ka (so called) Insaaf."  What is this?? Any intellectual person can understand that this program is an absolute drama (like Rakhi's other shows), but what this show is about? Rakhi is quite familiar with this kind of nautanki, but what happened to NDTV (whereas, according to me NDTV India is the most sensible, intellectual and decent news channel.)? Has this channel become idea deficient? Oh! Please maintain your decency.

The show started with the problem of a woman who wanted her son back and concluded by Nikaah of that woman with a married man whom she called her brother earlier. Now, the woman was not interested in her son. 

It was clearly visible that all the people of this show, including the Judge (?????) as well as audience were acting (poorly). People are using abusive languages and some episodes are not worth to be seen with family. One person has even committed suicide after huge insult on national television. Who is Rakhi Sawant to pass such an offensive remark on people? I wonder, this vulgarity still continues. No one in this show is maintaining decorum and dignity including Rakhi Sawant. This is an awful mockery and this show should be banned.

Huh! Please stop this absolute nonsense.



Twinkling and sparkling eyes.
The best part of one’s feature
The earnest viewer of all the creatures
They talk without any word
It can sense all the feelings,
 those are unheard.
But think of those lives
Who lives in the darkness
Unable to see this colorful world
And repent on their feebleness
You can light up the other lives
Getting beautiful vibes
Come on
Become an eye donor
And live a life after life.

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Life at a smile

With the growing woes in life
You may get riled
Life is beautiful,
Try to see the greener side.
Look! Life blooms at a smile.

You may be in bitter conflict
With your kith and kin.
Step forward with open arms,
In relationships you may win.
Look! Life sings at a smile.

You may be heart broken in your love life
Emotions pierced your heart like a knife.
Try to forget the bygones
There’s always a new dawn.
Look! Life shines at a smile.

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